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Digital XRay

Being the most widely used form of medical imaging, X-ray provides quick and efficient assessment for skeletal structures, the chest and soft tissue calcification.

Aspire radiology offers state-of-the-art computerised and digital X-ray imaging equipment using minimum radiation dose but providing maximum image quality. At Aspire, you don’t need an appointment for an X-ray. You will however need a referral from a medical practitioner, and you can receive an x-ray at the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

X-ray scans are mostly used to assess and diagnose fractures, infections, lung issues, digestive tract problems, and dental concerns.

Yes, X-ray scans are considered safe when performed by trained professionals. While they use ionizing radiation, the amount is typically very small and carefully controlled to minimize risks.

No special preparation is required for most X-ray scans.

During the procedure, you’ll be positioned by a radiographer. You may need to hold still or change positions to capture different angles. The X-ray machine will emit a controlled amount of radiation to create images.

X-ray scans are generally painless. You may need to hold a certain position for a short period, which may be slightly uncomfortable, but the scan itself is not painful.

In most cases, no dietary preparation is required.

While it’s generally safe to have an X-ray during pregnancy, precautions are taken to minimize radiation exposure to the fetus. Your doctor will carefully consider the benefits versus the risks. We will explain it in details.

The duration of an X-ray scan can vary depending on the type of exam and the area being examined. In general, an X-ray procedure may take just a few minutes.

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