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Sports Imaging & Radiology

Sports imaging is a subspecialty within radiology which focuses on the parts of the body commonly injured by athletes or people partaking in sporting activities. At Aspire Radiology, our radiologists specialise in sports imaging with many years of experience. Our diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures help patients through their injuries. The range of services include MRI, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, CT and X-ray.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common imaging modalities used in sports radiology include X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and CT.

Sports radiology imaging is used to evaluate a wide range of injuries, including fractures, ligament and tendon injuries, muscle strains, contusions, and more.

The timing of imaging after a sports injury depends on the specific situation and the urgency of the clinical situation. In some cases, imaging may be done immediately, while in others, it may be scheduled for a later date.

The choice of imaging technique may vary depending on the nature of the injury. For acute injuries, X-rays and MRI are often used. Chronic or overuse injuries may be best evaluated with a combination of clinical assessment, ultrasound, and MRI.

Yes, imaging can play a role in injury prevention by identifying predisposing factors or structural abnormalities that may increase the risk of injury. Additionally, it can be used to monitor the progress of rehabilitation.

Depending on the specific imaging test, no or some preparation will be required.

It depends on the specific injury and the recommendations of the healthcare provider. In some cases, modified training or competition may be allowed, while in others, rest and rehabilitation may be necessary.

While X-rays and CT scans do involve ionizing radiation, the benefits of accurate diagnosis and treatment often outweigh the risks. Additionally, efforts are made to minimize radiation exposure, especially in paediatric and adolescent athletes.

Our radiologist will review the images and communicate the findings to your referring doctor, who will then discuss the results with you.

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